About skendy.


skendy is an app that brings individuals a worry-free administration by automating boring paperwork. Our mission is to simplify document management by providing a seamless and efficient solution that reduces manual effort and errors, and empowers our users to focus on higher-value tasks. We strive to deliver a user-friendly and reliable experience, while ensuring data security and privacy.

Who we are

We are a team of young entrepreneurs that want to make paper mail a thing from the past. We are driven to make the best possible product and really value any feedback that could help to improve the product, or us.


You can contact us by sending an email to info@skendy.ai. We will try to respond as quickly as possible.


What do you offer?

Skendy is an AI powered mobile application that allows you to automatically scan, convert and manage your documents. Simply take a picture of your document, Skendy will read it and help you automatically log into the system. A companion app on your phone or tablet can be used to access your scanned documents even when you're offline.

Are any of the scanned documents stored?

No. We do not store any of your documents, they are only stored on your private cloud storage or on your local files.

How are my documents processed?

We handle the processing of your documents through the use of Microsoft's A.I. services. All operations take place within the EU-based data centers making the whole operation fully aligned with GDPR. Upon completion of the processing phase, Microsoft neither retains your documents nor is allowed to utilize your data for training. Hence, your documents are exclusively held within your personal cloud environment (e.g., Google Drive) and/or kept on your phone. No other copy or record of your documents is saved elsewhere.

We are live!

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We are Live!

© Copyright T-APPS B.V.

KVK 88586480