Analyzing some of the insights we gained through our research + update

Sep 19, 2023

We have been working tirelessly over the past year to finish the application and are so excited to finally be so close to launch! After all our iterations and focus on users’ needs we now truly believe to have something that is worthy of our users. During the last months, we refined our MVP to tackle their pain points and introduce valuable solutions. 

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve been trying to formulate a more specific understanding of our market and target customers. We conducted research via survey into what the experience of handling personal administration is like for people in Germany and received insightful information to utilize to optimize the application with the needs of our users in mind - setting our sails in the right direction. 

The percentage of respondents who reported being very annoyed (8-10/10) with the process that they go through in dealing with paper mail was 56%. They commonly receive ±5 letters every week which they spend up to an hour dealing with. It has been satisfying to think that this is something that can soon change; This source of irritation is what we have been developing a solution for - to allow anybody with a phone to expel from their everyday lives and even flip into a source of comfort. 

People's main pain points seem to be the storage and filing of their mail and important documents (this was by far the most common), a lack of structure leading to losing and forgetting important information, and just having to deal with paper mail in general; Reporting having to deal with excessive and unnecessary letters and having to go through a lengthy and mundane process that begs the question of why it hasn't gotten more manageable by now. Comprehension of both the language and content of the mail was another pain point we discovered and have included a solution for in our app. 

The vast majority of these respondents said that they don’t use any tools to help them, and tend to try to memorize important information. Surprisingly though, 20% of respondents told us that they already use their phone to scan and store important mail in a virtual folder of their own. For us, this reaffirms the opportunity that we feel lying in the gap between the organized and efficient modern world and a messy pile of unorganized mail in the corner of your room that you hate dealing with. We are thrilled to provide our app to first users and improve people's lives!  

The beta is launching soon!

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