We understand that you may have some questions about our mobile app, and we are here to provide detailed answers for you. Our mobile app is designed to offer a user-friendly and efficient experience, simplifying the process of document management and handling.

Where do I download and install the skendy app?

For IOS: Link here

For Android: Link here

How do I check my skendy app version?

To check the version of your app, navigate to "Settings" (accessible through the tool icon located in the upper right corner). You'll see the version information at the bottom of the page.

Which countries is the skendy app available in?

Skendy is specifically optimized for users in the Netherlands and Germany at this stage, but it can be downloaded from all over the world. 

What happens to my data?

When you scan documents, the text is identified on your phone and sent to a data server in compliance with GDPR. It's crucial to note that we never store your documents. The contents are only temporarily stored for a brief moment (in the seconds range) to facilitate AI processing, and they are not stored longer by us or any subcontractors. The server, owned by Microsoft, processes the text, and we subsequently receive the extracted information. Microsoft then deletes all the data and is strictly prohibited from using the text to train their model. Rest assured, your data is handled with the utmost confidentiality and compliance throughout this secure process.

Where are my documents stored?

Your documents are stored in two locations.

  1. Local Storage on Your Device: Once a document is scanned, it is stored locally on your device and is not shared with any external entities. Your document remains on your device unless you take specific actions: 1) Delete the Skendy app, 2) Manually delete the document, 3) Log out of Skendy on your device. However, it's important to note that it can leave your device if you manually share it with someone else.

  2. Google Drive Backup: If you have set up the Google Drive connection, which occurs automatically when logging in with Google, your documents are also backed up to Google Drive. They are stored in a folder named 'skendy' categorized appropriately. Skendy never accesses the documents stored here; it simply places your files in this folder and does not interact with them afterward. Even if you delete the Skendy app, your documents remain in Google Drive. Users who log in with their Apple ID can set up this integration by going to settings > Connect Drive. You can view a document in Google Drive by selecting the options menu next to a document and choosing "View in Google Drive."

What to do if pages cannot be scanned?

Ensuring accurate file recognition by skendy involves several key considerations:

  • Document Orientation: To optimize reading accuracy, ensure that the documents are positioned upright during scanning.

  • Optimal Lighting Conditions: Clear lighting is crucial for precise document recognition. Consider utilizing the flash feature on your phone for enhanced visibility.

  • Background Clutter: Avoid placing additional documents in the background during scanning, as this can potentially confuse the document recognition process.

  • Shadows on Documents: If shadows appear on the document, supplementing the lighting can improve clarity and aid in accurate recognition.

  • Import from Camera Roll: In instances where automatic document scanning does not achieve recognition, you have the option to import documents from your camera roll, offering a manual alternative for improved accuracy.

By adhering to these recommendations, you can enhance skendy's ability to read your files accurately and efficiently.

Is there a limitation for pages that I scan and save?

Skendy allows users to scan and save documents with a current limitation of up to 10 pages per document. This restriction is in place to optimize the platform's performance and ensure efficient document management. Should you require assistance with longer documents, consider segmenting them into multiple files within the specified page limit for seamless scanning and storage.

How are files stored?

Your documents are stored as PDF files with an additional OCR scanning feature. This creates a text layer in your documents, facilitating keyword searches directly on Google Drive.

How to change the language?

Adjusting the app language is automated, aligning with the language set on your device's system.

Why does it take long to process documents, and what can I do?

The delay in exporting results is due to the utilization of advanced AI models for data extraction. These models run on high-performance equipment, which may result in processing times of up to 10 seconds.

Why do the upcoming actions look weird?

The AI models used for document processing excel in information extraction but can occasionally make errors, leading to unconventional upcoming actions. Users have the option to edit or exclude these actions as needed.

If you encounter any concerns or difficulties during usage, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, by sending an email to info@skendy.ai, or by filling out the contact form.